"Let's give a soul to each of our clothes"

Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare

Un pezzo di storia Milanese

Roberto Rizzotti

Roberto Rizzotti was born in Milan in 1964. In 1994 he succeeds his father as owner and today he manages the company together with the Bassi family.

“At the age of 17 I started my adventure in the world of textiles / clothing. I have to thank my father for entrusting me with the management of the Sartoria Di Milano Acquadimare. I have always tried to keep faith with his teachings and his words constantly accompany me in all the phases of my work, from the choice of fabrics and working techniques of garments that “must always be of quality” and “never excessive in prices” because “only by guaranteeing quality and fair price to customers, the company will always be growing”. How many times have these assertions been decisive in the choice of products and suppliers! I can proudly claim to be a son of art but, to become a true professional, I graduated from the Secoli institute, an authoritative school of style and modeling in Milan, adding to the tradition the most advanced and specialized techniques. I have been managing the Sartoria Di Milano Acquadimare business for over twenty years, embracing innovation in respect of a solid family tradition and guaranteeing, today more than ever, the excellent value for money. ”

Carlo Bassi

Carlo Bassi, manager and entrepreneur with great skills and a very wide, strategic vision, was born in Milan in 1960. Antesignano and builder, among other things, of business models such as BacktoWork24 (now the 24 ORE Group company) and MediciperTutti (visits income-related medical), for years has managed activities to promote Italian companies abroad.

Carlo Bassi and Roberto Rizzotti
“I have been a customer of the Rizzotti family for over ten years. Today I became a partner because as a customer I appreciated the quality of the clothes, the care in following the customer and the “right price” that all this has always had. Dresses made in Italy that, in style and quality, last over time. Non-industrial products, but taken care of by applying to the modern production techniques the rules of good tailoring, made with the same fabrics that sign the clothes of the great brands. And in this sense, I am sure that our clothes can be compared with those of any other high-sounding name with a single substantial difference: the price. “Disassembling” the clothes and comparing them you will discover, in the best case, clothes made with the same care of ours, but often you will notice that the glued canvases of many prestigious brands correspond our care in the stitching and attention to the finish of the dresses . Italian quality, service and fair price are my goals, by Roberto Rizzotti and the Milan Sartoria Acquadimare. An adequate and fair price, which must recognize to Italian producers the value of their work, to us owners of the lines a correct profit and to the customer the certainty of having bought a classic dress produced well and served well. ”

The founder

Casimiro Rizzotti, father of the current owner, was only six years old when he was sent to a shop by a tailor in his native Sicily and he was eighteen when he became a member of the same tailor’s shop. Equipped with intuition and enterprising spirit, in the early post-war years he left the Nebrodi Mountains to move to the North where, in a short time, he would create his company, which was originally called CARIMI, acronym of Casimiro Rizzotti Milano, then became Manifattura Sangiorgio . It was 1948.


Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare: the value of the product. Service and quality by tradition at the right price.

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