Since 1949, in via Sangallo 45, in the Milanese heart of the Città degli Studi, there is a historic artisan workshop.

Our Fabrics

The Sartoria of Milan Acquadimare boasts a personal selection of the finest fabrics collaborating for almost a century with the most important woolen mills all over the world such as: Loropiana, Zegna, Scabal, Cerruti, Reda, Vitale-Barberis-Canonico, Holland & Sherry etc.

Wool fabrics

Flannel – Basic classic fabric for men’s clothing; if obtained with carded yarns it is called Vigogna and has a soft and delicate appearance.

Fresh wool – Classic fabric for summer use, tropical is an example.

Gabardina Another basic fabric, suitable for suits and trousers, now it has fallen a little in disuse, because it requires careful treatment.

Grisaglia – Typically male gray fabric, suitable for complete details.

Harris Tweed -Tweed of Scottish origin, used for sports jackets or vests.

Tropical – Lightweight worsted wool fabric suitable for summer clothes.

Saglia – Compact fabric with diagonal effect suitable for men’s clothing.

Pied-de-poule – It owes its name to a particular design and is suitable for jackets or suits.

Eye of Partridge -Woven in combed yarn with a particular armor that produces thick clear spots spread regularly on a dark background.

Saxoni -Classic carded fabric of very fine wool; usually the design is Prince of Wales.

Solar -A variety of iridescent colored gabardine, suitable for spring-summer dresses.

Fabrics in wool or special fibers

Angora -Filted from the fur of the homonymous rabbit; suitable for jackets and coats.

Alpaca -Derivated by the homonymous animal of the Andes; also used for jackets and coats.

Cashmere -This fabric can be carded or combed; the former is less expensive.

Vigogna – Very rare tissue made from wild Andean camelids.

Mohair – Thread made from the fleece of the Angora goat.

Linen fabrics

The Italian and Irish fabrics are the most suitable for the summer. Worked with canvas weave, which allows better skin perspiration. Other processing: diagonally, like linen in Levantine or Fantasy.

Cotton fabrics

Fustian -Robust satin-worked cotton fabric, suitable for trousers and sportswear.

Gabardina -There’s cotton, like wool. The quality is recognized by the regularity of the diagonal ribs and finesse.

Corduroy -This cotton fabric has the best thermal protection characteristics. Suitable for both trousers and sportswear.


Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare: il valore del prodotto. Servizio e qualità per tradizione al giusto prezzo.

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