For over 10 years, a point of reference
of Italian tailoring in Africa

Sartoria di Milano in Africa

For over 10 years Roberto Rizzotti, owner of Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare, has regularly travelled in several African States, offering Real Italian tailoring and craftmanship to the passionate of these places.

We have got referents and customers in Kenya, in Ghana, in Congo.

This long experience led us to know the taste, the style, the characteristics of these nations extremely well. A Made to Measure suit must be perfect for the man who wears it, and we have learnt how to make them perfect for our African customers.

abito su misura per un nostro cliente africano

How does it work?

When we choose a new State where to offer our products and services, we find a referent who can gather our customer’s needs.

The customer can contact our referent or directly us: then we schedule an appointment in 4-6 weeks to take the measures and create the suit.

Would you like to get in touch with our referents?

Here you can find their contacts!

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