"If my suits were bronze I would be a sculptor." (Jonas Rizzotti)


Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare: the value of the product. Service and quality by tradition at the right price.

The tailored suit of the Milan Acquadimare tailoring is a guarantee of line and quality uniqueness both from the modeling point of view and from the finishing touches; every person who decides to create a custom-made suit has the right to an ad hoc model in its exclusive that is executed with precision and rigor thanks to the ancient Italian sartorial tradition. After choosing the fabric and “taking measurements” you can also choose, with the help of our expert, whether to make a slim fit or classic line, change the width or model of the revere, the number and color of the buttons, the consistency of the lining, the position and the quantity of the pockets, the pence of the trousers etc. So you have an authentic custom-made dress that fits perfectly and reflects you in style and details.


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