Since 1949, in via Cesare Saldini 30, in the Milanese heart of the Città degli Studi, there is a historic artisan workshop.

Our Story

Italianità è stile, cura del taglio e del dettaglio e soprattutto… misura, è stare bene con se stessi, indossando il vestito migliore.

From 1949, Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare. In Milan, in the heart of Città Studi, there is a space that you do not expect!

Since 1949, in via Sangallo 45, in the Milanese heart of the City of Studies, there is a historic artisan workshop, the Sartoria of Milan Acquadimare, which hands down the knowledge of cutting and sewing from father to son, looking to the future with the third generation . The tailoring, while keeping its tradition intact, grows in size and structure, assuming an increasingly entrepreneurial connotation, in step with the times. Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare is gathering the fruits of its promotional activity abroad to reach emerging markets. For two years he has been working successfully in Africa, particularly in the Kenyan market, and in Romania. At the beginning of 2016 he participated in an event in Teheran for the official presentation to over 100 clients to promote the sale of custom-made men’s clothing in Iran through commercial activities for the diffusion of Italian tailoring culture.

Milan Tailoring Acquadimare: the value of the product. Service and quality by tradition at the right price.

Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare produces classic men’s suits and coats with tailored techniques, made to measure and handmade. The fabrics are chosen with care and passion among those proposed by the best Italian and English woolen mills. In the showroom complementary realities alternate with the world of tailoring linked by a single fil rouge: Italian craftsmanship at the right price. Milan Tailoring Acquadimare also offers customized home service. Spazio Acquadimare, home of tailoring, is also a place of atmosphere available to associations, professionals and clubs for corporate events, meetings and meetings of work and leisure.
Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare: the tradition that is handed down and that even today constantly teaches us that for the realization of an excellent garment three fundamental components are needed: a quality fabric, a perfect model and an excellent packaging.

The quality
Our ancient craft tradition ensures a product with attention to the smallest details. The jackets are hand-sewn, from the interior application to the finish, to guarantee a perfect fit. For a better durability the double trousers are proposed to the customer: a solution that extends the life of the dress.

The Manufacture and Italian Tradition
The fabrics proposed are among the best produced by Italian textile companies, including Loro Piana, Reda, Cerruti, Comero, Zegna, Marzotto in excellent fabrics: Tasmania, grisaglia, vicuna, Harris Tweed. The cut of the garments is still carried out strictly by hand; the interior of the jackets are intelati in horsehair and sewn by hand.

The right price
The quality-price ratio, which has always been the basis of our philosophy, will be an unexpected and pleasant surprise. We produce classy clothes and coats and offer a service of excellence, ensuring that the price of clothes goes from 390 to 590 euros for the garments of our collection and from 900 to 1,200 euros for tailored garments.

The Showroom
The Acquadimare showroom surprises for the magic of the place, the scent of the fabrics, the enveloping atmosphere, the minutiae of everyday life and the feeling of being perfectly at ease, in a familiar environment, with people who pass on their knowledge looking to the future with new eyes.
The space, just for the atmosphere that distinguishes it, is very coveted and has even been chosen as a film set; We are therefore happy to make it available to associations, professionals and clubs for corporate events, meetings and meetings of work and leisure, art and photography exhibitions, book presentations and meetings with authors.

Home delivery service
Busy managers, business executives always on the road, entrepreneurs, traders and all those who have little time available to renovate their wardrobe, today they can choose the dress from the comfort of their home or office: it is possible to bring directly some clothes of the own size, which will then be tailored by our tailors, or be taken measurements and choose fabrics and models. The service is offered by Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare.

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