Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare, since 1949. 

In Milano, few steps away from Città Studi, there’s a place you wouldn’t expect!

Since 1949, in via Cesare Saldini 30, there has been a historic artisan workshop, Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare. We pass on from father to son the knowledge of cutting and sewing, looking to the future with the third generation.

Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare is also reaping the benefits of its promotion activities abroad to reach emerging markets. For several years it has also been successfully operating in Africa, in particular on the Kenyan market, and in Romania.

Padre e figlio a capo di una sartoria tradizionale

A Three Generations History

Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare has been joint by its third generation,young and enthusiast.

This allows us to join a decades-long experience and traditional techniques with new trends and modernity.

Over the decades we have gained our experience especially in men’s tailored garments: from suits, to blazers, to trousers, to shirts, to coats.

Our motto: Quality at a Fair Price!

The highest quality of fabrics and workmanship, the fair price that we offer our customers to dress in a superior way.

At Sartoria di Milano we are artisans, and each garment comes directly from our hands to yours, without any intermediary that raises the price of what you buy.

Originality, refinement and style since forever,
discover the Made to Measure by Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare.

Nothing makes you feel better and at ease like wearing a garment that fits you and matches you perfectly, aware of its uniqueness.
selezione di lane dal lanificio loro piana

Our fabrics: a guarantee of quality.

Over the decades, Sartoria Acquadimare has collaborated with the best producers of wool, cottons and special fabrics, nationally and internationally.

We invite you to our showroom in Milan to see all the samples and choose the most suitable fabric for you! If you have special requests, do not hesitate to call us at 02730282.

Sartoria di Milano nel Mondo

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