The quality of tailor made by Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare


Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare: il valore del prodotto. Servizio e qualità per tradizione al giusto prezzo.

The pants of the tailor-made line of the Milan Acquadimare tailoring are truly incredible. Each person who makes custom-made trousers has the right to an ad hoc model in its exclusive that is executed with precision and rigor thanks to the ancient Italian tailoring traditions. After choosing among fabrics such as Cotton, Fustian, Velvet, Tweed or Virgin wool from the best Italian woolen mills and the “taking measures” you can also choose, with the help of our expert, whether to make a slim fit or classic line with pinces or without pinces. Every pocket or button can be sewn where you prefer, so you have authentic tailored pants that dress you perfectly and that reflect you in style and detail.


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