Made to Measure Quality by Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare

Made to Measure Shirts

Our made to measure shirts

A tailored shirt is a hallmark of each person’s personality and style. Our shirts, as well as our suits, are 100% Made in Italy.

Our fabrics, from the best Italian cotton mills such as Albini, Monti, Canclini and many others, give you a wide choice: solid colors, in all shades, or creative and modern patterns.

Every suit needs to have the right shirt, an indispensable complement that must be suitable for every circumstance. Delicate or fancy, white or colorful, with thin stripes or Scottish checks, in pure linen or soft poplin, the shirt identifies us for who we are.

Wearing a shirt must be a real pleasure.

In fact, it’s a garment that takes us through the day, and it is crucial that the shirt is comfortable.

How much is a made to measure shirt?

The price of a made to measure shirt depends on many factors: the fabric, the model, the used technique and much more.

Let’s start by saying that every garment by Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare is a guarantee of the best quality in all of these aspects. All the used materials were born and processed in Italy, even the thread for the seams.

The main difference in price is given by the choice of one of two production techniques: sartorial or handmade.

Sartorial technique

Our shirts are made of fine linen and cotton fabrics, with the most up-to-date patterns, with a religious respect for tradition. After taking the measures and choosing the fabric, the shirt is made with a sartorial and artisanal technique.

The cost of these tailored shirts ranges from 110 to 130 euros.

Hand made

As with clothes, if you wish you can choose to have an entirely handmade shirt, cut and sewn entirely by hand.

After the measures are taken, a “test cloth” is made, in order to fine-tune the lines. Each finishing touch, from the buttonholes to the attachment of the buttons to the initials, is made entirely by hand.

The price of this type of tailored shirt varies from 220 to 300 euros.

A hint of history …

Since last century Neapolitan shirts, handmade by master shirt makers, are the most coveted and prestigious in the world. One of the distinctive features of these garments is identified with the attachment of the sleeves, which perfectly fits the different conformations, due to the unique folds at shoulder height, a guarantee of softness and wearability.

The Neapolitan tradition speaks about the “Canonical Eight”: this term points out the number of steps that an “entirely hand-stitched” shirt should follow.

These are armholes, buttons, buttonhole, mouche (the triangle of fabric at the base of the seam at the sides), collar, joist (hand stitch for aesthetic purposes or to reinforce a part of the shirt), yoke and placket (the vertical seam on the side buttons).

In handcrafted shirts, on the other hand, the sleeve is attached, as for the jacket, only “closed side”, that is, after sewing the side. In these places, moreover, the cut is still handmade, one piece of fabric at a time.

A tip: when carried closed, the sails (collar wings) must not “fly”. In a perfect shirt, in fact, they are always lean on the chest.

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