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Sartoria di Milano SARTORIAdiMILANO Acquadimare is located on via Sangallo no.45, in Milan’s historic educational epicentre –Città Studi. Here, just two kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of Duomo’s sightseers, the Rizzotti family has been creating Ready to Wear, Made to Measure and Bespoke suits, with sartorial expertise since 1949. english version versione in Italiano

Roberto Rizzotti
Sartoria di Milano

“My father Casimiro Rizzotti, he’s the one I have to thank, for having left me the management of ‘Sartoria Di Milano, Acquadimare’. It originally was known as ‘CARIMI’, that is Casimiro Rizzotti Milano, which then became ‘Manifattura Sangiorgio’. It was in 1948 after arriving from Sicily, from the Nebrodi Mountains, when he started working for a tailor -at the age of 6. At 18 years old, he became a partner in the same tailors. An enterprising soul in the early years following the war, he moved to the North and within a short time he had started his own firm. At the age of 17, I started my own adventure in the textile/clothing world. I have always tried to be faithful to the teachings of my father. His words have constantly accompanied me in the choice of fabrics and manufacturing techniques that “Must be always of quality” and “Never excessive in the price” because only “Guaranteeing quality and the right price to clients, can make the firm grow”. How many times have these words been determining in my choice of products and suppliers! I can say that I followed my father’s footsteps, but to become a real professional I obtained a diploma at the ‘Secoli Fashion School’, here in Milan. Thus adding the most evolved specialized techniques, to tradition. I have been managing the Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare for the last 20 years, maintaining the family tradition and guaranteeing more than ever, the ratio of quality-to-price.”

Roberto was born in Milan in 1964.
In 1994 he was taken over as the owner and today he manages the firm together with Carlo Bassi.

Carlo Bassi
Sartoria di Milano

"I have been a client of the Rizzotti family for the last 10 years. Today I am their business partner, because as a client I have always appreciated the quality of their clothes, their care for the client and the “Right price”. Our clothes are created in Italy, and for both quality and style, they are ever lasting. Our products are not industrial; they are well made by applying the rules of good tailoring, to modern production techniques. They are created with the same fabrics as used by the great ‘brand names’. And in this sense I’m sure that our clothes can face confrontation with those having ‘big names’. With one substantial difference: the price. By “Deconstructing” the clothes and comparing them, you would find out that, at best they have been created with the same care as we have. But often you will notice that the glued cloth of many of the prestigious name brands, contrasts with our care for seams and attention for finish. Italian quality, service and the right price are my objectives, those of Roberto Rizzotti and of Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare. A price that needs to: recognize and reward the skill of Italian manufacturing; allow us owners an appropriate earning and give the client the certainty that they having bought well made, classic clothes and have received good service.”

Carlo Bassi was born in Milan in 1960.
He is the CEO for a multinational firm and for many years has also managed the promotion of Italian firms abroad.


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